Founder :Tara Robinson

Women Walking in the Spirit of Excellence 

  ~Empowering Women to be whole;Mind,Body and  Soul ~

Women walking in the Spirit of Excellence

Women walking in the spirit of excellence is a ministry that was planted, anointed and birthed out by and through the power of Holy Ghost in October of 2009. This ministry is designed to bring women to a place of total healing, spiritual, emotional, mentally, and physically. God is a healer and restorer of every broken place, rebuilder of every torn down place, and He revives every place that has been left for dead. There are so many things, situations, from a bad childhood to broken marriages and relationships, that can cause wounds to constantly bleed and infect every situation that is faced, and never come to a place of being that whole individual that God has called all of us to come to. Inevitably there is a root to every broken place and every wound, but we must first become honest with ourselves, and afterwards, open to God.

God wants us to embrace His healing virtue and power through His Word. Once there is an understanding of His love,we no longer have to feel ashame, rejected, or abandoned. God said to me one day as I was driving along in my car "Yes you have been rejected by men, but I have accepted you" as God was speaking this I could feel His divine love showering me. We must come to the realization of the root of the brokeness and the shame, and if we dont know, ask God to reveal the root of the pain. God have given me a mandate to bring all women of all backgrounds, nationality, culture beliefs to a mutual place of embracing the healing virtue of God through the power of the Holy Ghost. Once we began to walk in the healing power of God in our emotions, spirit and mind, in the process God is causing the body to line up with His will of total health as well. When we are broken, ashame, and torn down, we handle ourselves differently, we consume anything in our bodies which causes sickness and disease come upon us which causes us not to be able to operate in the full potential in which God has designed us to operate.

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Women's Conference 2012

"Healing Virtue From on High"

Joshua/ even as our soul prosper
Romans/renewing the mind
Isaiah/ by His stripes we were healed

The Holy ghost is essential to obtain the healing power of God flowing through our souls and through our lives. God is our creator, and the giver of life, therefore only through Him we can be made whole. He has come to give us life and life more abundantly. There are many people, even in the body of Christ that look at this scripture and think that God is only talking about that big house or that big car, but God is talking about the abundance of peace and power that is offered to us through the Power of the Holy Ghost. This is why He says to seek Him first and all His righteousness and all the other things will be added unto us. 

Always keeping in mind the love of God for us, the destiny in which God has called us to, His divine purpose for us to obtain total healing, and once we receive Him, knowing that our body is the temple of Him.

Doing things in moderation, being conscious of the Holy Ghost on the inside at all times, having a spirit of wanting to please God at all times and possess the fullness of total health.
From the time we come forth from our mother's womb, our minds begin to conform to the things that are around us and the people that are around us. When we began to experience and face things, whether they be positive or negative it is at this point that our minds become not only conformed, but also conditioned to this world. When we become born again of the water and of the Spirit, God begans through His infallible Word transforming our mind. During the transforming and renewing of the mind, comes healing of the mind. There are many women that have been abused, raped, molested, and rejected in some form of fashion which have left the mind in a place of despair. There is a remedy for every distorted mind, whatever the cause have been, the Word of God is well able to stabilize and heal.

Hebrew 4:15

My Heart Says Yes
Troy Sneed